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How to disable a button in Nintex Forms using Scripts ?

Basically, I have a Nintex Form, where based on the Status, the buttons at the bottom of the form changes. For example if the Status is "In Review" then only the Approve & reject Buttons are shown. The problem I am facing is - there is a field "Reviewer`s Notes" which must be filled before "Rejecting". So I need added validation where if Reviewers Notes is empty then Disable the Reject button. Once user has filled it up then the Reject button should be dynamically enabled. Hence I need the scripting solution and not the validation / Rules counterpart.

What I have tried is using

NWF$('.nf-save-button').removeAttr("disabled", "disabled");

But this is a class specifier and it is affecting all the Save buttons. I need to specifically disable the  Reject button. I have also tried to get the ID of the Reject button from the DOM use it like this. This also didnt work.

Check Button ID: ListForm_formFiller_FormView_ctl90_ed7c8a8f_dbac_436c_98ae_d32e3c9a3dc6 
NWF$("#ListForm_formFiller_FormView_ctl90_ed7c8a8f_dbac_436c_98ae_d32e3c9a3dc6").removeAttr("disabled", "disabled");


Thanks for any help in advance. Also please let me know if I need to provide any more information.Capture2.PNGCapture.PNG


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