Duplicating Repeating Section

Hi All, 

I am trying to use a custom JavaScript to duplicate information from one  section to another repeating section in my classic Nintex Form. I have one text box input and choice option input that I want duplicated in the second repeating section of my form. See my variables below and the current JavaScript that I copied into my form. This JavaScript is also using a button to initiate the duplication. For some reason this script isn't working and I am not sure why. I think it may have to do with the button being used but I am not sure. 


Repeating Section 1 = repeat1

1st input text box = assetamt

2nd input choice option = assetselection

Repeating Section 2 = repeat2

1st input text box = assetamt2

2nd input choice option = assetselection2

Button = UpdateRepeater 

Button also has action set to Javascript and client click to UpdateRepeater()



function UpdateRepeater() {
    NWF$(".repeat1 .nf-repeater-row:not('.nf-repeater-row-hidden')").each(function () {
        var $row = NWF$(this);
        var $input1Val = $row.find(".assetamt input").val();
        var $input2Val = $row.find(".assetselection input").val();
        UpdateRepeater2($input1Val, $input2Val);
        NWF$(".repeat2 .nf-repeater-row:last").find('.nf-repeater-deleterow-image').click();

function UpdateRepeater2($input1Val, $input2Val) {
    NWF$(".repeat2 .nf-repeater-row:last").each(function () {
        var $row = NWF$(this);
        $row.find(".assetamt2 input").val($input1Val);
        $row.find(".assetamt2 input").focus();
        $row.find(".assetselection2 input").val($input2Val);
        $row.find(".assetselection2 input").focus();



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