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365 form lookup control and list view item limit

365 form lookup control only brings back the item limit of the view it connected to!

e.g. if the list view has an item limit of 30 (default) then the lookup control in the form only brings back 30 items in the drop down. I don't recall this being the case in on-prem. 

Is this by design? Because now I'll have to go back and find all list views that are being accessed by form lookup controls to make sure their item limit is set to allow all the items to come through to the lookup controls. 

The All Items list doesn't seem to be affected by this. 

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Re: 365 form lookup control and list view item limit

This must be fixed since your original posting because I have a list lookup control that returns everything it should. As in, way more than just 30. I believe the limit is something like 5000. Plus this list is loaded asynchronously so that you can interact with other controls on the form while any huge list is loaded or the combination of many lists being loaded
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