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Get Data from Azure SQL based on Login details

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We are planning to develop a form that is being used by over a 10k people for a review process. As we have large set of data (close to 20K records) in Azure SQL DB.  May i know if it is possible to store the data from Nintex cloud form to Azure SQL and also get data from Azure SQL DB to the forms based on login user.

We are also having Nintex Office 365 but it seems Nintex cloud is a better option to acheive this requirement?


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Re: Get Data from Azure SQL based on Login details

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@devendra1432 there is currently no data lookup within NWC forms, however this is on the near term roadmap (starting with SharePoint and then expanding to other systems).


You can pass data from a form to a database within the workflow (there are several different database integration actions that are currently natively supported), and you are able to now restrict forms to just authenticated users within your system. However, until data lookups are integrated into forms I'm not sure that you'll be able to 100% your use case. 


You could potentially take the data from your SQL database as a collection variable, and then display the data in a Task form that has been assigned to a specific user, but I don't think that's quite what you are looking for.

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