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Rules Engine

This simple rule engine allows business rules to be defined in an XML file. Using business rules, the workflow path becomes dynamic without the need to fix the path. 


Benefits includes:

- Dynamic flow

- Workflow view will not be overly large

- Add/Modify/Delete route without requiring redeployment of workflow

- Add/Modify/Delete route within the XML file


Note: Downloaded assembly will only read from XML file. This version will only accept a single grouping of rules with AND conditions (x AND y == z) and simple comparison (x=y). To use more complex rules (multiple groupings and comparison) please contact author for paid version.


How to use this smartobject

The smartobject can either be used in the smartforms layer (i.e. call the smartobject action to retrieve the route ID before triggering the workflow) or from the workflow itself (i.e. use a smartobject event and pass in the input values to retrieve the route).

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