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Drawloop – Populate Additional To email field dynamically


Populate the Additional To email field from related records or fields on the DocGen Delivery Option.


Additional Information

  • This can be achieved using Single-cell ‘Named Ranges from Excel Templates’ (Previously known as Excel as Middleware)
  • Data will be merged into the Excel file  > then populate desired information into a single cell using excel logic.
  • More than 1 Single Cell can be configured for additional fields.
  • Any supported Excel logic may be used to get the desired configurated outcome below is a basic sample with Instructions using concatenate.



1. Configure the desired Relationship and Replicate rows in Microsoft Excel:


2. Configure desired Excel logic to append semicolons [;] and Concatenate.

  1. =IF(ISBLANK(A2),"",";")
  2. =CONCATENATE(A2,B2,A3,B3,A4,B4,A5,B5,A6,B6,A7,B7,A8,B8,A9,B9,A10,B10,A11,B11)

Dynamic Additional To Email Population - Excel-000631.png

Dynamic Related List Email Population - Excel-000630.png


3. Name the Single Cell containing the formatted list of emails.

  1. Additional_Emails > this will become the <<Tag>> for the Delivery Option: <<Additional_Emails>>

Images - Content Files _ Salesforce-000632.png


4. Save and upload the Excel document into the DocGen Package.

  1. While testing, leave Page Range as 1-100 to verify data and logic
  2. Once verified, set Page Range as 0-0 to not include the document as output but still process the logic.

See Attached Sample.

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Thanks for the great example @Brent_Doc!

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