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Nintex Drawloop - What's supported in LEDD


What is currently supported in the new LEDD interface and what is upcoming.



Supported in LEDD Upcoming (expected release Nov 2020) On the Roadmap

*Field tagger

*Managing/creating templates

*Managing/creating all relationships

-Unrelated data is now called Standalone data

*Delivery option:


-Nintex Workflow

-Nintex Sign

-Salesforce Email

-Attach to record


*Managing Availability (formerly Set security)

*Connecting files (Salesforce reports into templates)

*Runtime Import CSV/Excel (formerly Import files)

*Excel as Middleware

*PDF Stamps


*Create/Edit Record (formerly Insert-Update)

*Component Groups

*Scheduled DocGen Packages

*Delivery options:

-all eSignature except Nintex Sign


-HTTP Service

-Attach to FTP/SFTP/Content/SpringCM/

Box/O365/Veeva Vault


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