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Drawloop - Dynamic DocuSign Recipients


How to create a replicated dynamic list of DocuSign Recipients that are required to sign.


There are 3 sections of configuration to this use case.
1. Excel as Middleware - Logic
2. DocuSign - Document Custom Field
3. Word Template - Signer Block
Excel as Middleware logic:
    1. Create a relationship to replicate the related list of contacts
      1. Excel Replication Documentation: ClickHere.
      2. Copy Type must be Row.
      3. Tag Document: ClickHere

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    1. Logic to specify recipients and desired signing order
      1. Name the Cells for the Contact Name & Email on the output sheet.  (These will be used in the recipient configuration)
Excel As Middleware documentation: ClickHere
        1. DocuSign_Name_1 & DocuSign_Email_1
        2. DocuSign_Name_2 & DocuSign_Email_2
      1. Select any excel logic suited for your use case.
        1. The example below evaluates if the replicated rows are populated or blank from a different input sheet.
          =IF(('Related List Replication'!B2)="","", ('Related List Replication'!B2))
      1. Related list Replication is the sheet we replicated the related list data.
      2. DocuSignDelivery is the sheet which is specifying the list of recipients to be used for the DocuSign delivery option.

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Now the Excel as Middleware document should be configured.

2. DocuSign Recipients Configuration:

  1. Create a ‘Document Custom Field’ for the Dynamic Recipients in the DocuSign Admin Account.
    1. Field configuration example:
      1. Name = Drawloop dynamic Signhere
      2. Type = Sign Here (this type is signer required)
      3. Tooltip = Please Sign Here
      4. AutoPlace Text = /dl.signhere.{r}/

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  1. b. This ‘AutoPlace Text’ is what will be replicating in the word template using Word functionality {AutoNUM}.

2. Configure the Recipients on the DocuSign delivery option:

    1. Add the maximum number of dynamic signers [1-10].
      1. See section [c] below for configuration.
    2. Add the necessary static recipients

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    1. Dynamic recipient configuration:
      1. Ensure all [dynamic recipients] do not have any sign options. (The DocuSign - Custom Field ‘AutoPlace Text’ will be placed in the template document and display in the DocuSign signing application.)
      2. The Static Name and Email are from the Excel as middleware template section.

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    1. Static/Standard recipient configuration:

      1. Recipients that require a specific signing order & recipient number must contain the Sign Option, commonly,  ‘dl.signhere’

      2. This allows Drawloop to control the specific signing order and recipient id when passing to the DocuSign application.

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3.Word Template – Signer Block:

  1. Document package configuration:
    1. Relationship configuration
      1. Use the same relationship used for Excel Row replication.
      2. Word Replication Documentation: ClickHere
      3. Tag Document: ClickHere

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  1. Word Template configuration:
    1. Create Signing block relationship replication.
      1. Create a 2x2 Table in word
      2. Add the related list replication tags.

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    1. Dynamic DocuSign signing tag with Word.
      1. Word has formula field codes with an Auto number feature. ClickHere
      2. Add this field code to the end of the DocuSign – Document Custom Field created in section 2.
User-added image

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  1. Save and upload the documents into your document package.
  2. Now the following has been configured:
    1. Excel as Middleware - logic.
    2. DocuSign - Document Custom Field
    3. Word Template - Signer Block
**Run the document package and verify the desired output.**


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