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The "Nintex Repeating Section Data" Field Type for SharePoint 2010

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A few days ago, I released a custom field type called "Nintex Repeating Section Data" for SharePoint 2013 to simplify how you can display of the repeating sections in SharePoint List Views without the need of creating complex workflows. If you haven't checked that yet, please refer to my blog post.



After the amazing feedback I received from the Nintex Connect Community as well as Nintex fans on Twitter, I'm glad to announce the availability of the same for SharePoint 2010. The WSP in included in the the attachments. 

Let me give you a more complex example than the one I showed you in the previous post:

1) Here is the 2010 form I designed. I have two repeating sections, the first one is named "RepeatingSection1" and contains a Choice control rendered as a drop down list and a Yes/No control. The second repeating section is named "RepeatingSection2" and contains a Multi Line Textbox control as well as a Date/Time Control.


2) After publishing my form, I created two list columns from the type "Nintex Repeating Section Data". The first column refers to "RepeatingSection1" and the second one refers to "RepeatingSection2". I've also added both columns to the default view.



3) And here is the default view with both repeating sections rendered in tables. Nice and easy!


I've also received a couple of questions from the community on how the repeating section is rendered and the ways to customize it, I've already answered the question in several places but I would like to include this here as well.

If you want to further customize how the repeating section is rendered, the WSP creates a new folder under Layouts called "NintexRepeatingSectionView", this folder contains two files:

GetRepeatingSections.js --> This is the file which is referred to from custom field type XSLT.  It does all the heavy lifting like querying the FormData hidden field, reading its XML to retrieve the referenced repeating section, parsing its XML and extracting its records. It is also responsible for rendering the values in a table.

NintexRepeatingSection.css --> This is the css file used within GetRepeationSections.js to style the table.

The idea is the same for both SharePoint 2010 & SharePoint 2013.


  • The “Nintex Repeating Section Data” Field Type for SharePoint 2010 was created in my free time and is NOT a Nintex product. If you have any feedback, please feel free to post it here or ping me on Twitter @AymanElHattab
  • You can create as many columns based on the new custom field type as needed. For instance, If you have 3 repeating sections (Flights, Hotels and Events) in your travel request form, you can create 3 columns to display the repeating sections' records in your View. Just make sure NOT to connect your Repeating Sections to list columns.
  • IE7+, Chrome (Latest) and Firefox (Latest) are supported for the SharePoint 2010 version of the solution.
  • Nested Repeating Sections are not supported (yet).
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Awecome, Thanks a lot

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I've just had this installed on our test farm, I followed your steps, created a repeating section with 4 single line text fields and a multi-line, named it Quotes and published the form. In the list I created a new column with the type Nintex Repeating Section Data, linked it to my repeating section and created a new item. However the new repeating section data field is empty? Any ideas?

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Did you connect the repeating section to a list column?

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Thanks for the quick reply!

No, the only link between the two is in the repeating section data field

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It should work as long as you are not connecting the repeating section in the form to a list column. What browser are you using?

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ok, interestingly I decided to run F12 developer tools to see what is happening...when I try to open the item, I get 44 permission denied errors in DispForm.aspx (I kept stepping through the errors to see how far it would go). I removed the field in the list and the form its still giving a permission denied error (before adding the solution it was fine). Other lists and forms on the same site that have not been in contact with the solution are working fine...still working through this, just thought I'd update you

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It appears the problem is with the list, I have created a new list and added in this solution successfully, I will try recreating the other list and go from there

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Cool.. Glad it worked.

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I love the potential of this column type, but I'm having a slight problem. I have a lookup field in my repeating section. I've gotten my selection to display in the view using the Nintex Repeating Section Data column type, however it's displaying the ID for the selected value. Is there any way to make it display the value rather than the ID?

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Hi Stacey, thanks for the feedback. This will be fixed in v2

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Is it possible to include Attachment field in a repeating list?

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Hi Rebecca,

The Attachment control is not in the list of supported controls within a Repeating Section control. Following is the list of supported controls shown in the product help for Nintex Forms 2010:

  • Yes/No
  • Calculated Value
  • Choice
  • Date/ Time
  • Label
  • Rich Text
  • Image
  • Border
  • Panel
  • Repeating Section
  • Single line text
  • Multi line textbox (without rich text formatting in edit mode)
  • People
  • Lookup



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Ayman El-Hattab I really want to get this to work but I'm not having anything populate my list. I have ensured the repeating section is not connected at the form level and I have given the repeating section a name - the same name as the list column (see images). Any ideas?

repeating column name.PNG

Information repeating section.PNG

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Hi Andrew,

Can you please take a screenshot for the List View after adding the column and share it here?

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Hi Ayman

I hope this is what you are looking for

List View.PNG

- Columns.PNG


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Ayman El-Hattab​ I figured it out - Of course it was something simple. I had created a list to capture the information in the repeating section but I never put the list on a site.  I added the list to a site and it worked perfect. Thanks for putting this together!

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Can't add solution to my 2010 farm.

any ideas?


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Glad it worked

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iisreset then Give it a try using PowerShell ..

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What does it mean by adding the list to a site?

Ayman El-Hattab​, I have the same problem that nothing is appearing in my Nintex Repeating Section column.

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hi Ayman,

i am using Nintex for Office365 and i am not able to upload the wsp to my site.  here is the error: i am not able to see the nintex repeated section type while creating a column. please assist?

nintex error.PNG

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Can we use this for sharepoint 2016?

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Hmm, I seem to be having the same issue as a few of the other folks. I am using Sharepoint 2010. I have installed the solution. I first used an existing list that had a repeating section, gave the repeating section a name, re-published the form, created a new column with the nintex repeating section type, typed in the same section name, saved, filled out the form and submitted, but nothing shows in the repeating section column. 

I then did the same steps but i created a brand new list and form. Again, the column shows no content. Did i miss a step? Here's the screenshots from the new list I created.

Nintex form repeating section

How did you all fix the issue? Suzanne HuntAndrew Robinson

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Nintex Newbie

Andrew RobsonSuzanne Hunt‌ do you all have any suggestions on how to get this to work?

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Any update to this to allow it to work for the Responsive form and possibly allow it to export to Excel.