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Error: Job definition was not found, Nintex Workflow Scheduler

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Products: Nintex Workflow 2010, Nintex Workflow 2013


When trying to update Nintex Workflow 2010/2013 you run into an error "Job definition was not found, Nintex Workflow Scheduler".

The error:

Disabling Nintex Workflow Scheduler...

Job definition was not found.

The pipeline has been stopped.


Not able to install or update Nintex Workflow 2010/2013.


Install the Nintex Workflow Scheduler job using NWAdmin.exe

Review more information on how to use NWAdmin.exe here: Scheduled workflows and the Nintex Workflow Scheduler timer job

  1. Open SharePoint Management Shell and navigate to your NWAdmin.exe directory.  You may need to search your C: drive on the server to find it.
  2. Run this NWAdmin.exe command
    1. .\NWAdmin.exe -o InstallTimerJob -job ScheduledWorkflows -url http://yourwebappurl/
  3. Retry the Nintex Workflow 2010/2013 install and should get past that error now.