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Subscription Pricing Cheat Sheet (Updated as of 20 October 2021)


What are the exempt actions for Nintex, Limited Action Workflows, Assigned Use, and Licensed vs. Tenant Usage?



Non-billable (Exempt) Actions

The following actions are NOT counted against the five-action count for limited action workflows:

Office 365

  • Log to History
  • Hawkeye Set Beacon
  • Hawkeye Process Stage End
  • Hawkeye Process Stage Start
  • Set Workflow Status
  • Pause for Duration
Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC)
  • Log to Instance
  • Hawkeye Beacon
  • Hawkeye Beginning Beacon
  • Hawkeye Ending Beacon
  • Set Instance Name
  • Pause for Duration

SharePoint On-Premises:

  • Log to History
  • Commit Pending Changes
  • Hawkeye Beacon
  • Hawkeye Beginning Beacon
  • Hawkeye Ending Beacon
  • Set Workflow Status
  • Pause for Duration

Limited Action Workflow

Workflows that have less than or equal to five actions and don’t start another workflow will be considered as Limited Action Workflows. These workflows will not be counted towards the workflow allocation. This will allow customers to automate simple common business scenarios without adversely impacting a customer’s workflow allowance. For example, a simple approval workflow to route a document to my manager for approval which consists of three simple actions would be free.


A Limited Action Workflow cannot use any Nintex Design Actions from the following list below:

  • Start Workflow
  • Start NWC Workflow
  • Run a component workflow
  • Start an RPA botflow
  • Call HTTP Web Service
  • Web Request Action
  • Custom Xtensions for NWC


Also note that if a User Defined Action (UDA) containing one or more of the above actions will also be considered a Limited Action Workflow and is subject to count against the workflow allowance.


Will a Limited Action Workflow be counted against the workflow allowance?

No. Any workflow that meets Nintex’s definition of Limited Action and does not include any actions included in the list above will not be counted against the workflow allowance.


What if a customer uses a User Defined Action (UDA) in the Limited Action Workflow?

Customers can leverage a UDA in a Limited Action Workflow. The actions within the UDA will be counted towards the 5-action count, so if the total Nintex Design Actions in the Limited Action Workflow and actions within the UDA being called are greater than five, the Limited Action Workflow will be considered a Nintex workflow.

Assigned Use

  • Production Workflow: A workflow that is published to run on production data
  • Development Workflow: A workflow which runs on test data solely for the purpose of developing and testing a Nintex Workflow design

Licensed Usage vs. Current Tenant/Farm

  • Subscription entitlement is for all platforms/tenants/farms under the subscription license
  • Current tenant usage is by tenant or farm - no consolidation across platforms under the subscription license as yet
  • Requires manual addition from each platform to do a exact comparison of operation to license



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