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Nintex for SharePoint On-Prem vs. Office 365 Actions


What is the comparison of workflow actions between Nintex for SharePoint On-Prem and Nintex for Office 365?



Actions which map to an equivalent in O365 (note: not all parameters will have an equivalent so actions may not map directly) 


On Prem


Action set 

Action set 

Add user to AD group 

Office 365 add user to security group 

Assign Flexi task 

Start a task process 

Assign to-do task 

Assign a task 

Build string 

Build string 

Calculate date 

Add time to date 

Change state 

Set next state 

Check in item 

Check in item 

Check out item 

Check out item 

Collection operation 

Add item to collection 

Collection operation 

Check if item exists in collection 

Collection operation 

Count items in collection 

Collection operation 

Get item from collection 

Collection operation 

Join items in collection 

Collection operation 

Remove duplicates from collection 

Collection operation 

Remove item from collection 

Collection operation 

Remove last item from collection 

Collection operation 

Remove value from collection 

Collection operation 

Sort items in collection 

Convert Value 

Convert Value 

Copy item 

Copy document 

Create AD user 

Office 365 create user 

Create item 

Create list item 

Create item in another site 

Create list item or document set 

Create site 

Office 365 create site 

Create site collection 

Office 365 create site collection 

Decommission site collection 

Office 365 delete site collection 

Delete drafts 

Office 365 delete drafts 

Delete item 

Delete item 

Delete multiple items 

Office 365 delete items 

Delete previous versions 

Office 365 delete previous versions 

Delete site 

Office 365 delete site 

Discard Check out 

Discard Check out item 

Document generation 

Document generation 

End workflow 

Terminate Current workflow 



For each 

For each 

Log in History List 

Log to History List 


Loop with Condition 

Math Operation 

Do Calculation 

Pause for 

Pause for duration 

Pause Until 

Pause until date 

Query List 

Query List 

Regular Expression 

Regular Expression 

Remove user from AD group 

Office 365 remove user from security group 

Run if 

Run if 

Run Parallel Actions    

Parallel Block 

Send document set to repository 

Office 365 send document set to repository 

Send document to repository 

Office 365 send document to repository 

Send Notification    

Send an Email 

Set a Condition    

Conditional Branch 

Set approval status 

Office 365 set approval status 

Set document set approval status 

Office 365 set document set approval status 

Set Field Value    

Set Field in Current Item 

Set item permissions 

Office 365 update item permissions 

Set Variable    

Set Workflow Variable 

Set Workflow Status    

Set Workflow Status 

Start workflow 

Start workflow 

State Machine    

State Machine 



Terminate workflow 

Terminate current workflow 

Update Item    

Update List Item 

Update multiple items 

Office 365 update items 

Wait for item update    

Wait for Field Change in Current Item 



Actions available for mapping with caveat: these actions will map if AD and/or Exchange have been migrated to online 


On Prem 


Decommission AD user 

Azure AD disable/enable user 

Update AD user 

Azure AD Update user 

Create appointment 

Exchange online create calendar item 

Create task 

Start a task process/Assign a task/Exchange online create task 

Get meeting suggestions 

Exchange online get meeting suggestions 



On-Prem actions without an equivalent O365 action 


On Prem 

Capture document set version 

Convert document 

Copy to file share 

Copy to SharePoint 

Create list 

Declare as record 

Read document 

Submit record 

Undeclare as record 

Update document 

Commit pending changes 

Retrieve data 

Store data 

Wait for check out status change 

Compile audience  

Create AD group 

Create audience 

Delete AD group 

Delete audience 

Enable lync/OCS 

Provision user in exchange 

Update user profile 

Complete workflow task 

Delegate workflow task 

Request approval 

Request data 

Request review 

Task reminder 



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