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  • 10 July 2024
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We have a component in our package that allows users to build estimates on a table. We are getting requests to create “groups” or “options” within a single table. Any ideas on how to approach this?

One challenge is that the user needs to be able to (almost) infinitely be able to create as many sub groups or options on the table as they would like. An approach would be if the user could add table after table, but I don’t believe there is a way to do “conditional tables” that would appear if the user clicked a button that said “add table.”

Here is a rough mock up/concept in Excel

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You could try: 1) create a Salesforce object called “Options” 2) make it the master of items 3) make your main table based on the Options object 4) add a drawer to the table that displays a table on the Items object. 5) add column summaries to the Items Table Then the user could create as many options as they want and then add as many items to each option that they want.