Ability for users to pick Salesforce tabs that show on home page

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I built a page designed to be a common branded header with navigation to use across our entire org. I used the tutorial below: Page Not Found — Skuid v15.1.6 Documentation I added the Navigation component and set the source as Salesforce Tabs for Current App. This works great, but it only allows for the default tabs assigned to the app to load. Salesforce allows defaults to load and then users can click the “+” button and then add their tabs as applicable. Is it possible to accomplish the same idea in skuid?

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Hmm.  When I use that option in the navigation control I get my customized settings.  

What version of skuid are you using? 

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7.27 is the version number I am on Here is a image of what the SFDC UI looks like and what I see when I create with Skuid: cb575ce9759caf4f218888b8071d42cc0ab8a808.jpg Thanks Rob!