Use commands or shortcuts on excel for Nintex RPA

  • 22 September 2021
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Hi everybody, I would like to know if there is a way to use command on Excel for example if I need to use Ctr+G on Excel I send the keystroke to a cell and it literally writes Ctr+G.   


and if I try to target excel instead of a cell it just clear the A1 cell.

Is there a way to use this type of combination on excel with Nintex RPA?


Best answer by devinweber 22 September 2021, 23:42

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2 replies

If you target the "Excel" window, change the "mode" from Overwrite to "None", then drop in your key sequence, it appears to work.

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Thank you that works, also I found that if you use a "Select Cell" action before send the key sequence to Excel windows, it sends the key sequence to the selected cell.