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  • 28 January 2020
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With RPA Central (SQL stored botflows), will it still be possible to execute botflow from the command line (Task Scheduler etc.)?



start "Foxtrot" "C:Program Files (x86)Foxtrot SuiteFoxtrotFoxtrot.exe" /Open p:Brandon C.rpa /Run /silent /exit


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4 replies

Hi @Brandon 


With this release of RPA Central, it is no longer possible to run botflows with command line prompts. Over the coming months, the feature gap between RPA Central and previous versions will be closed so keep an eye out for those updates.


I am curious what functionality you're getting out of a batch file versus the built-in scheduler in RPA Schedule.




"I am curious what functionality you're getting out of a batch file versus the built-in scheduler in RPA Schedule."

I'm still learning Foxtrot, but in my experience it's been fairly useful for interoperability's sake to be able to call one solution from another, in both directions.

It's a little inconvenient for me to be learning Foxtrot at a time where the feature set is in flux, so rather than assume I thought I'd ask, and I'm glad I did.


Hi @john_armstrong@Brandon

Allow me to pitch in on this. We are also currently waiting on this for the new version(s) of Nintex RPA as we can't upgrade our customers without this feature.

The new RPA Central offers only very limited scheduling options, no File Trigger, and no batch file support to allow you to set up custom triggers. And even when, at some point, the RPA Central is rich with functionality, batch file functionality is still essential as it allows you to configure fully customizable triggers and logic. With batch files, you can utilize the Task Scheduler in Windows that offers a lot more scheduling options than RPA Central, and you are also able to utilize, for example, your Automation Orchestrator built with Python.

It's also worth noting that all competitors, other RPA tools, offers this. Here are some examples

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