Nintex bot opens like I'm a brand new user

  • 4 April 2023
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Each time I log into the machine and launch RPA, it asks me which Level and none of the previously ran botflows ran on this machine show under the Recent list. It’s like I’m a new user each time. I don’t have this issue on other machines logging in as the same user. Any ideas what might be different on this machine? I need to schedule some botflows to run on this machine but this is a stumbling block. 




2 replies

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@jbriggs You are using RPA LE.  Please post this to the RPA LE channel to get subject matter experts to jump in and make some suggestions.

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@jbriggs This issue was fixed in a more recent version of the Bot. We just released v17.13 and I suggest you upgrade to that version. Here is the version download page: