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  • 15 July 2020
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I am working on a web table. I have a column with 7 rows in it. I need to click the top entry to access it, make some changes to the record, and go back again to the table. I then need to select all the following rows and do exactly the same. 

Is that possible to do, and if yes, can someone please give me a short description how to do it?




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Hi @Andriesdt 


There are a couple of ways to approach this. This looks like a SharePoint List, so how I would approach it is:

- Export the List to Excel

- 'Get List' action on the Excel sheet

- 'Loop' action, set on the (RPA) List

- Make a 'Click' action with the Rules changed to match the SharePoint List item name

- Do the work you need to do & return to the SharePoint List

- End Loop to move to the next item in the (RPA) List.


This Blog post might be helpful for you if you take this approach:


Another way would be to use Highlights, if it is actually a web table. I don't remember if a SharePoint List is seen as a table by Nintex RPA or not, but if it is then you can:

- Use a 'Set Variable' action to set the starting row. so [%Row] = 2

- A 'Loop' set on Forever. You'll also need an 'If' action to determine when you exit the 'Loop'.

- Use a 'Start Highlight' action on the correct column, with the Row value set to [%Row]

- 'Click' on the highlighted cell. This should take you into the edit page that you need

- Do whatever work you need to do on the new page.

- Return to the SharePoint List, the highlight will (should) be gone.

- Use 'Increase Variable' on [%Row] to move to the next row.

- End Loop action to return to the beginning of the Loop.