IBM i Access Client Solutions (5250 Emulator) Send Value for File Menu

  • 4 February 2020
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Anyway to connect to the emulator window shell to send values? Alt+F,C,C for print screen collection, etc?


I'm specifically NOT looking for a advanced programming solution here, I've already solved it that way round.


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3 replies

Hi @Brandon,


Yes, you can easily send keystrokes using Nintex RPA.  Simply target the titlebar of the IBM iAccess Client application.  Create a Send Value Action.  When specifying the value to send, click the magic wand icon to open the Expression Builder.  The Keyboard view of the Expression Builder allow you to build any type of keystrokes you want.


The keystrokes you want to send will look like this:  


This holds the Ctrl key, presses the F key, releases the Ctrl key, then sends two C keystrokes.


...and if that doesn't work, you may need to hold the Ctrl key down while all keystrokes are sent.  This would look like this:



Note: Be sure to change the Mode setting to None (instead of Overwrite). I would also recommend setting the Speed to Medium or Slow to give the application time to expand the menus before additional keystrokes are send to select menu items.


Is this something that has changed with Version 16?


I'm on Version 15 at the moment.



I wonder if you have the Java version of that emulator.  You may need to reach out to our support team so they can help: