Get List Action- Values converting when imported

  • 18 March 2022
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Hi—I am trying to import an excel file that contains a column with time value onto RPA, but when loaded on RPA it is converted into decimal.  I have attempted to change formatting on excel column but have not had any success with getting correct values to upload on to RPA.  I have tried both csv and xls file types.

2 replies

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@michta Could you please try and assist here?

I'm may have a couple of solutions to your problem.

In the Excel file create a new column that is formatted as Text.

Place this formula in the cell to use the corresponding cell and populate it with the text value of the time.   The 'A2' is the address of the cell with the time value that column B will populate the cell associated with the formula, in this case 2, with that value as text.

B2 =TEXT(A2,"hh🇲🇲ss AM/PM")


The second method is to save the file as a CSV '(Comma delimited) (*csv)' then when importing to change the Data type to Text not Date.


This will import the data into RPA with the Time as Text in the format you want.

I hope this helps.