Get Data from Imported file

  • 12 May 2020
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I am using vbscript to write to a file. How do I access the data from an imported file?


For example, the imported file contains loan numbers. When writing to the text file, how can I include the loan number?


I'm using this to write a RPA value to a vbscript string (Stamp is a varaible created in Foxtrot):

dim strValueIf RPAEngine.GetVar("Stamp", strValue) = True Thenmsgbox strValue, vbInformation, "Result"Elsemsgbox "the value can not be retrieved." vbcritical, "Result"End If



Any help is greatly appreciated


Best answer by john_armstrong 2 July 2020, 16:53

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Hi @jmuslin 


It looks like in your example, you've gotten it nailed down how to pull in a value from a Variable.


If I am understanding your question right, you're wanting to do the same thing but with a loaded Data set instead of a Variable?


This Help article outlines all the available RPA functions for those types of actions:


So to pull in a value from Data, you should first store that Data field into a Variable and then from there you've got your answer 🙂


Let me know if there is anything else!