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  • 26 August 2019
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I am a long-term user of Foxtrot RPA, but have never used it to automate functions in the Fiserv Premier system using their Navigator user interface.  My new employer uses Premier/Navigator as their core banking system and I will need to be writing RPA automation for it going foward.  Does anyone have any documentation of "best practices" or recommendations for using RPA with Fiserv Premier/Navigator?


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3 replies

We use Foxtrot daily within Fiserv Premier Navigator.  Some examples include: mass file maintenance such as deleting unused names, changing Risk Rating Codes weekly, creating IES blocks from our accounts payable software, creating Check Reconciliation blocks from our accounts payable software, etc....

A big thing to know up front is that once you are in the Change function of any Premier/Navigator record you cannot use the "bypass keyboard" option to input data. Your changes will not stick once you save.
Another is pressing Save after making changes: don't use bypass mouse because if there is a popup about warnings the bypass mouse will cause it to not show up (but only sometimes) and then you can't proceed properly.

We are needing to create a script to delete transfer addenda.  Do you have a script that can open the drop down and choose the correct addenda number from the data file?