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  • 12 June 2023
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I currently have a Botflow set to run every 2 hours. In this botflow we have a variable to get the current time and then a variable to get the current time minus 2 hours. Now this query runs perfectly throughout the day without issue. It also used to work on a previous version of RPA Central (2.9.0). But after this years time change that caused 1 botflow to generate 6 times a second (over a weekend) rather than once a day. We updated to version 2.12.0. 


We noticed on the 12:30 AM mark it stopped working but never could catch why the botflow would stop at the same location until recently. We noticed that when the botflow tried to subtract 2 hours from the current military time of 0030 it started going negative (IE: -0130) which the date/time selector didn’t like and therefore didn’t generate any data for the selected range. This is the current variable we have setup to take the current date/time and subtract 2 hours:


Any recommendations or help is appreciated!

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Hello Kevin,

This seems like a defect. We made changes to RPAC in 2 different versions based on DST and maybe while fixing another issue, we broke your scenario. Please send this message to with your company name and email so we can investigate and get our Development Team working on the issue. Thank you!