Change Management for RPA (Foxtrot)

  • 15 October 2019
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Has anyone found a good change management tool for RPA (Foxtrot)?  This has always been a lacking issue when it was Enablesoft.  There is nothing preventing scripts from being changed as long as the end user has permission.  I want to be able to know what changes from version to version for my teams scripts.  As we built out our scripts to run automatically instead of manual kick off this would be a big win for our risk team.  Maybe this could be an enhancement, but from a control/risk standpoint, this is where RPA is failing.  Any thoughts out there?


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5 replies

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Hi Kyle,


Keep an eye our for our upcoming RPA Central, replacing FoxHub. This will feature role-based access control to allow greater security over your botflows. Find more info on our roadmap here:




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Thanks John, but RPA already has role based access control (only three types). It does not stop anyone with the proper access from changing a script. The issue will come as we fully automate processes and risk is going to ask where the control is. Just saying access is limited to a subset of users will not work without proper checks in there (i.e. change management/version control).


Hi kbarton!


Currently if a user's role allows them to modify a botflow (formerly called a "script") they can modify ANY botflow.  This is less than ideal.  We have laid plans to improve this experience dramatically. Here is what you should know:


1. Nintex RPA Central is being released later this year which includes a Botflow repository that will house all of your Botflows ("scripts") going forward.  In this first version, all users will have access to every Botflow in the repository (the equivalent of the current functionality today).


2. After the Botflow repository is delivered, we will begin building additional controls within the repository to all you to control user permissions to individual Botflows.  I believe this is the feature you ultimately need to satisfy your requirements.  This feature would come in Q1 next calendar year.


3. Nintex RPA Central is only available in Botflow Edition.  If you are currently using a different edition (such as Concurrent Edition), please speak with your Account Representative about switching in order to get these new upcoming features.  (To find what edition you have today, simply click the "About" option on the Help menu in the product.  The edition will be displayed on the About window that appears.)


Your request confirms we are building the right things!  Thank you ... I hope this helps.

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I look forward to seeing the new changes.

Hi @Aaron_Bultman.  Can you provide an update on the functionality described in your solution to this situation?   It does not appear that those changes were delivered in Q1 of this year.   We just upgraded to RPA Central and while it provides controls for published botflows there are no controls available on the desktop application.  It is difficult to explain the botflow controls to our auditors when there are none available.