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  • 6 September 2023
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Hello.  I’m trying to build a botflow to be used with Jack Henry Xperience Silverlake. The problem I’m having is getting the botflow to click on the “Name” which is a hyperlink. Even though I make the name the target Foxtrot clicks on the empty space off to the right of the name (hyperlink) I’m trying to click on. 

I can’t seem to find a way to get Foxtrot to click more to the left so it click the name. 

Also, I’m attempting to do this by moving the Selector Tool over the Name, then using the Search feature to search the screen for the specific name, then click on the name once found. But again it click to the right of the name and clicks on empty space. 


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3 replies

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Have you tried using x,y coordinates? 

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No I haven’t.  I’m fairly new (unexperienced) and honestly not familiar with x,y coordinates.  Where can I find that option? Thank you, 

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Checkout the help documentation for Click and search for Screen Target. (Be sure to first Expand All in the top right of the page.) If you use this approach, also consider using Full Screen Mode. This will give you consistency for your xy coordinates.