Adding Business Days

  • 13 April 2021
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Is there an easy way to add Business Days in a formula?  I am looking for something that gives me a date 10 business days from today's date.

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Definitely an out of the box workaround here, but this is what I dreamed up in a few minutes:



Launch Excel


Cell A1: =TODAY()

Cell B1:  10

Cell C1 (change this to Date format):  =WORKDAY(A1,B1)


Copy C1 and paste clipboard into a variable:  Data --> Set Variable --> Computer --> Windows Clipboard Value



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Thanks - Hoping to find something that doesn't involve opening other applications.

Completely understand.  If you do a search in the community, it looks like others have posted regarding business day calculations.  There may be some more advanced solutions out there.  It would be nice if the dev team adds the workday formula to their bag of tricks.

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Hi kwstroud,


  Are you needing to ignore holidays as well?  if so then you would need an internal holiday calendar to ignore those as companies have different holidays from each other.


  Otherwise you will need to use a couple if statements checking the [[*Day_of_week] and adding the appropriate days (?DateAdd("d",number of days,[*Date])].  If that date ends on a weekend, keep adding 1 day until you get to a weekday.  I used a loop for that part.  


Hope that helps.



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Thanks Kyle - Sounds like the best option.

I ran into this as an issue too and struggled to find a good formula to match up with actual business days.  It'd be nice if RPA could assign business days vs. non-business days.  Like maybe as part of our RPA setup we, as a business, could assign what we deem as business vs. non-business or have a way to enter non-business days into a calendar so that it's standard with all of our bots.  


We have several applications where we have to maintain a holiday calendar so I feel this could just another step in our annual process to update RPA with the next year's calendar dates.