How to Query or Search a List

  • 15 February 2022
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If a list needs to be searched for specific text, these are instructions to start the process. 



-Use the Open List action under List in the menu.

-Pull in data from an Excel Sheet to the list created.

-In the screenshot below, List would be the name of the list to be searched.

-Check the box for "Overwrite" so that the list can again with new data.

-The Import button will step through the wizard as usual.



Below is the Open List help document for RPA, version 16.x.x and above. If using an older version, this document could have features in it that were not available yet but the basic principles and functions should be the same.

Once the list is created, it will show in the menu on the right side of the bot. Click the pencil next to the List Name to make any changes.




Next, Query the list by picking that action under List in the left menu of the bot. When this action is set up:

- Use the list created above.
- In “Column,” click drop down to choose what kind of search is desired, exact column or any column.
- Choose the variable from the list above by clicking the down arrow and clicking the column header needed.
- In the Save to box, type the name of a new list that will be created when the text being queried is found.
- Check the “Overwrite” box.
- In the Options for the Rule for the text being queried, a second rule may be used if necessary. The results will show in the new list with the entire line of data that contains the text queried.





Below is the help document for Query List. Again, this is for the newest release of Nintex RPA but the functions should be relatively the same.



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