Unsupport Commands at certain positions of a wizard

  • 1 September 2023
  • 3 replies

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Why are some commands not supported at certain positions within a wizard? Is there a set of guidelines that outline what commands can’t be used at which position and for what reason? Trying to build a wizard and inserted an Advance Command to check if an UI object exists but getting the message to say its not supported at that position.

3 replies

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@dorman Would you be able to provide more details, preferably with screenshots?  Thanks

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@dorman my impression is that there are certain commands that try to run on/against the target of the step. In steps that don’t have a target (such as wizard start/end or advanced command steps), the commands can’t run, because they don’t have the required information to know which window/application to target. 


Generally speaking, if you encounter certain ACs (Advanced Commands) that state that they aren’t available for particular wizard steps, then most likely you need a visual recording in order to use certain ACs (such as HTML ACs).

If you can provide more specific details, we would be happy to provide further answers. Thanks!