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  • 27 April 2023
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We’ve been running into some performance issues with Kryon, and we’re sure it’s due to the RPA server and server where the robot is installed not having enough system resources.  


We’re migrating from Nintex RPA LE which has these minimum requirements:


Kryon on the other hand...:


We assumed that these requirements couldn’t be accurate, because they’re so out of proportion to our other RPA solution, and any other software that we have installed in our environment. Much to our surprise, now that we have installed the RPA server and robot ourselves, we see a ridiculous amount of Kryon/Node.js processes running on the server, each consuming their own little chunk of memory. We know we’re going to have to increase our resources, but we’re going to feel ridiculous requesting the comically high minimum amount of resources for a product that we’re using (at the moment) very sparingly. 


So, my question is what do other people have as far as system resources on their RPA server and servers/machines where robots are running? Are you following the minimum/recommended amounts, or getting by fine with lower? 


For our environment currently we have this (We know we need to increase some - hopefully not a lot):

  • RPA Server (RPA, DB, SEQ)
    • CPU: 2 dual core processors @ 3.1GHz
    • RAM: 8 GB
  • Robot Server
    • CPU: 2 single core processors @ 3.1GHz
    • RAM: 4 GB


Any information is greatly appreciated!


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hi - do these performance issues happen when you’re recording?

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We repeatedly get the message about needing to free up memory when recording, but we’re not doing the recording on the RPA server or the robot server. 


The main performance issues we were seeing was that the robot wouldn’t be able to start up and get past the sign-on process. I’m assuming it was a timeout issue. The robot also wasn’t able to target anything in Chrome. 


We ended up adding 4 more gigs of ram to the robot server (total of 8) and now those issues have disappeared.  The only performance issue we’re still seeing is that the robot will go ridiculously slow if it has been running for a few days. Solving this is as simple as exiting and restarting the robot. 

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If possible, I’d like my reply that was marked as the answer, to be unmarked as the answer. I was hoping to get feedback from other community members as to the resources they have set for their RPA environment, but so far, no one has responded. 


Thank you