Set Details of a target to a variable

  • 30 October 2023
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Is there a way to set the Details, specifically the Element ID of a target to a variable.

For example, we have a webform where the Element IDs often change because of text in the Header that comes before the first form field. If we could capture the first ID, we could target using a variable that increments from there to target the rest of the form dynamically. Get info only provides the URL.


2 replies


Hi Chris,

There are two ways to target the web element:

1.- It could be through the recorder, inserting the core action “read from screen” where you can highlight the element you want into a variable and anchoring it to “Element ID”. (example below). The element extracted can be inserted into a variable you can use in your wizard.


2.- It could be through the HTML advance commands, “Get HTML object Text” selecting the object you want to extract and then anchoring it to a fixed web element (example below). For then define the variable where you want to extract it, to use it in your wizard.


I hope it helps. 


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So sorry.  I posted this in the wrong forum.

I was referring to RPA LE.

I will repost in the correct forum.