Kryon version 19.1 is not available for download.

  • 19 September 2023
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My client intends to upgrade to the latest version of RPA from Kryon version 19.1. To minimize potential issues in the production environment, I aim to set up a test environment using version 19.1 and proceed with the upgrade there first. Unfortunately, I've been unable to locate the download link for version 19.1. Could you please guide me on how to download this specific version?


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2 replies

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hello. 19.1 is not available anymore as we’re on 22.9

Please find official versions here:

Feel free to set up a session with us if you need to go over differences between 19 and later versions.

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In addition to Marlon’s post, here are some additional help and notes to consider:

  1. Take a backup of the existing 19.1 RPA production database
  2. Restore it to the new environment where you want to setup a test environment
  3. Perform an installation of the latest RPA version 22.9 against the restored 19.1 RPA production database. This will allow the RPA scripts to be retained and made compatible with the new version
  4. Delete all users in the Nintex Admin after installation and add them back
  5. Perform credential vault encryption and migrate RPA scripts using the Migration Tool
  6. Reinstall all studios and robots with 22.9
  7. Commence testing

Please contact for any further assistance.

Important points to note: 

  • This requires the server to be upgraded, which adds complexity compared to a new install. It is best to engage the relevant client stakeholders to assist them if they want to embark on this.
  • Migration Tool will be available in the C drive, C:\Nintex\Services\Migration Tool 64bit folder with executable file named "LeoScriptsMigrationTool.exe"
  • The next version release is targeted for November 2023.  You may want to optimize your efforts and wait for a few months to migrate.