How to set Input Variables

  • 31 May 2023
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We’ve found references to “Input Variables” in the GraphQL api documentation, as well as within the Nintex Automation Cloud connect for Nintex RPA. I can’t find anything within the documentation that states how to actually define a variable as an input variable within the wizard.


Does anyone have any hints that could point me in the right direction?


Thank you!

6 replies

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you’re not referring to $value$ - are you?

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I don’t think so, but the documentation isn’t very clear. Here’s the reference from the RPA doc (which I can’t get this endpoint to actually function correctly and it’s not in the GraphQL Schema):


But then here is also the reference from the RPA connector in Nintex Automation Cloud:



My assumption would be that input variables could be passed to the Wizard as starting values. 

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Hi @bsikes


To get input variables within NAC you can start the Wizard with advanced actions “Set value” as shown below : 

Add as many input variables you need and then from the workflow you should be able to add it.

Any action that use $variable$ (such like input text) will also be considered as input variable.


Hope that helps. ^^

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Hi @cecilia-penha!


Even after placing the “Set value” action in the Step 1 start section, I’m still not getting any input variables available within the NAC connector. 


For the Output variables, I’m able to click “Add variable” and I can clearly see all the variables used through the wizard:


But I’m not able to click the “Add field” link in the Input Variables section. Any thoughts as to what I may be missing?  Nintex RPA :    Nintex Gateway : 3.2.3


Thank you!

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@bsikes this is very intriguing.  Would you please submit a support case thru customer central or so that we can troubleshoot.  Let us know the support ticket # so that we can monitor towards resolution.  Thanks 

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As an update to this, it appears that the API call to get a Wizard’s Input/Output variables can sometimes result in a single variable being reported as an Input variable multiple times. Our best guess is that when NAC tries to parse this result, it’s unable to populate the list of Input Variables, possibly because it can’t display a single variable entry twice.  


We don’t believe the API should be reporting the way it is, so we’re waiting for this to be resolved before we can further integrate NAC with Nintex RPA.