Get Task History as HTML

  • 22 March 2017
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Inspired by blog post Get Task History and display on your form. from Dan Stoll here is another approach to get History of Listworkflow as HTML table using only 2 actions:



Call UDA in Workflow:


Output of UDA is HTML.

Here shown as rendered HTML:



Display Name

Activity Title




User Comments

Manfred Lauer

Assign Flexi task


13:52 22.03.2017

13:54 22.03.2017

(Manfred Lauer) ok!

Manfred Lauer

Assign Flexi task


13:51 22.03.2017

13:52 22.03.2017

(Manfred Lauer) OK



UDA is attached, credentials to call webservice have to been changed.

6 replies

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Thanks for sharing the workflow definition as well !!

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Hey cool!!!! I like this ‌!!!

Manfred Lauer,  I am having an issue with this because the blog post says that the download file is a UDA.  But when I download it, it has a .nwf extension.  I have tried to upload it as both a UDA and import it as a workflow and get errors both times.  I don't know what I am doing wrong.  Please help!!

Thank you!!!

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Go to "Manage user defined actions", choose "Create" and then You could import the Workflow.

Kind regards


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Excellent post. I was able to implement it following your steps. For some reaosn it is only working for some entries and some are showing blank, no value inside any column but if I right click and go into Workflow History Iam able to see approval, time etc Not sure how to fix it

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Nothing helpful remains in this post after the change in the community application.