What is the difference between using "image" or "web link" in defining processes?

  • 13 March 2024
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Hi there,


I am under way documenting processes at my organisation and I have come upon a choice: do I upload screenshots as images and give a common title, or do I use web links and caption the web link in a specific process?

It seems to me that one is tidy but inflexible (image) while the other is unnecessary work and not coordinated (web link)?

I am wondering if there is a rule of thumb or other expectation (like that searching processes for specific images is easier) that helps decide which to use?




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3 replies

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@Prouser while I’m not sure I would call it a “rule of thumb,” I will often ask organizations if they already have an existing dedicated content management system, that they use for managing and updating files like images / documents. If so then the web link option is often the way to go, as that overhead of managing external documents is already solved for them. If there isn’t an existing CMS, then storing the images within Process Manager is typically the path that I would recommend.

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Hi @Prouser 
Did this reply answer your question?

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Yes, that was what I was asking.