Updated Process Mapping Practitioner - Author Certification Exam live on Nintex University

  • 4 March 2023
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Good day!

We’ve recently updated the certification exam: Process Mapping Practitioner - Author on Nintex University. Questions and answers have been rewritten to be concise and accurate, focusing on simplified English.

The exam was updated in place to avoid disruption. However, you may receive a message stating that the exam (or quiz, as our LMS calls it) has been modified since you started taking it. Just click Retake Quiz, and you’ll get to take the updated version.

If you run into any other issues, please send me a private message here or at enablement@nintex.com.

Best of luck with the updated exam!


2 replies


Hi Sam, I just completed the assessment and passed on the first try. The questions were much easier to read and understand what was being asked this time around. Great job!


One of the answers to the question above has a small typo - a missing letter on the end. 

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I’m very glad to hear it, @Ali_h!  Congrats on passing!!

Thank you for finding the missing letter. I’ve just updated that answer accordingly.