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Hi all, am testing the training module for use with our onboarding process, am wondering if there is a way to notify supervisor and trainee when training is overdue? Also, when selecting 'supervisor sign off' on training unit, will the supervisor gets notification when training has been completed?

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Hi Anna,


In terms of the training module, the training assigned to any user will display as a notification on their landing page dashboard as per the below screenshot:



They will also be notified of any new/outstanding training modules in the notification email that gets sent out based on the configuration you have set for your Promapp site:



When viewing training that I need to complete from the My Training dashboard, any items that are overdue will have their Date/Time field highlighted in red, as per the below screenshot:



NOTE: The above should hold true for a supervisor as well i.e. if a trainee has missed the deadline for a module that they are supposed to complete, it will be highlighted to the supervisor that they are overdue.


From a training unit owner perspective, any training courses that have been scheduled will also show if any trainees are overdue with their training, as per the below screenshot:


Lastly, there are also a number of reports that can be run to view the status of training records within your Promapp site.


Available Reports:


Training Unit Status Example:


Hope this helps


Kind Regards,


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Thanks Mark, was hoping for email notifications pushed just from training module to notify supervisor/trainee when training assigned, overdue and completed. Looks like staff will need to manually check Promapp for this. Thanks for your help 🙂