To Delete, or to Disable, that is the question:

  • 6 November 2023
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General House Keeping Question:

Does anyone Delete  old employees from Process Manager or do you leave them as Disabled forever?

We have 1336 disabled users, and a current user list of 1320.

My general rule now for when someone leaves is to delete all their roles and transfer all their processes (if possible) - but there’s a whole lot of history in here to clean up.


1 reply

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Currently we have not deleted any employees from Promapp, they are just disabled. However, the process of disabling includes reassigning all their responsibilities and removing their roles. If a replacement has not yet been appointed, all process responsibilities are assigned upwards to the relevant Manager and reassigned when new person is appointed.

I would like to start deleting the inactive users after a period of time ( maybe after 12-18 months, to allow for summer students who return each year) but haven’t started yet.