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  • 19 November 2023
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We want to use the system tag features when writing processes, however, is there a way to disable the function whereby the process lanes are split by roles and processes?

E.g. Activities assigned to role ‘Customer’, we only want 1 lane with multiple activities with different processes. Instead of the current setup where the activities will be split by Customer System1 activities and Customer System2 activities.

We do want to keep tagging the systems so we can then generate the report on what system is used for which processes. Therefore, want to use systems and not general tags.


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2 replies

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Its best to add a system as a role only when the activity is performed solely by the system, to show where a user interacts with a system you add the system as text in a task which will automatically tag the system and a cog will appear on the activity in the map view to depict there is a system involved in the activity.

When the system is tagged (written) in the process, or where a system is assigned as the role, the group/process/activity/task will appear in the system report by system.

By assigning or tagging systems in this way, you will no longer have the issue of activities being split between different lanes.


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Hi TaniaS. 

Thank you so much for that, it was very helpful and works the way we want it to.