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  • 25 February 2024
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We have a process that is being archived and replaced with a new more fulsome process ie we are not simply updating an existing process.

I am trying to determine where the soon to be archived process may be linked to others, and cannot find a “process link” type report where I can pull this data.

I would like to get ahead of the archive process and update any related processes (linking to the replacement process before we proceed to archive the ‘old’ one), is there a way to do this that I haven’t yet stumbled upon?

It feels like a simple type of report showing the relationship between published processes so perhaps I’m missing something obvious - any help would be most appreciated!


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3 replies

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I would navigate to the process that is going to be archived, click on procedure view then scroll down to process dependencies, you’ll see all links to and from other processes in that section.

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Thanks TaniaS - I knew it was going to be something simple I had missed :)  Some of our processes have gone through many hands before there was appropriate governance and oversight in place, so some of the linked processes are attached via “web link” with a URL instead of linking the process properly.  As such, I have a feeling your suggestion may miss a few, but that will be easier to manage I hope!

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Glad I could help 😊 You should be able to pick up the URL process links fairly easily by running the Linked Documents and Weblinks report, export to excel so you can sort by URL.