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  • 16 July 2020
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Good afternoon

Is anyone else having issues with Promapp going terribly slow?  This started happening about 2 weeks ago and had been working fine up until then.  It can take a minute or so sometimes to save a minor change in a process. Whilst it is mostly slow when edits are being made, it can happen when you are just flicking between views, i.e. map view/procedural view/edit view.  This can be very embarrassing when working with staff across the organisation because their time is precious.  It is also embarrassing when you are presenting to leaders.  

Is anyone else having similar issues?  Does anyone know why this may have started happening just recently?  By process of elimination, nothing has changed at my end.  The circle of death is becoming tiresome....


Help!  Thanks




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I have experienced similar periods of slowness within the same timeframe. I am in Southern California. The only change I could think of that may coincide is the migration to Azure. But I don't want to assume.

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The best place to check for any known issues is at or you can click the menu link on the left "Service Status".


Please also raise any performance issue related experiences to be sent to our support team, for investigation.