Process Approver - problem with update to approver prior to publish

  • 14 September 2023
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How do we get the process approval to move to the correct approver?

We have a process map that is still in draft form - it has not yet been published (eg version 0.13).

We have the process approval module, the draft process was saved and sent for approval.

Subsequently, we identified the listed owner was incorrect, so edited the process which withdraws the approval submission, updated to the owner, and then resubmitted it for approval.

The RACI shows the correct owner, as in the one we updated it to, however for some reason the process has been resubmitted with the original owner for approval, and this is visible in the change log.

The group the process sits in does not have a champion listed, nor approver tagged to the group.

I have invalidated the process and group cache, however the ‘processes for approval’ tab shows the process is still sitting with the person originally listed as approver.  The originally listed owner has no interest or desire to approve this on behalf of the new (and correct) owner.

Any ideas on how we can fix this to get the process published?  As ProMaster and can simply override this and publish it, however this sort of circumvents the approval workflow, and is not ideal from an audit perspective.

Any help or advice would be most gratefully appreciated!

6 replies

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Hi, I believe you need to publish the process for the new owner/expert/approver to show, then resubmit for approval and it should go to the right line of approval. 

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Thank you Stapleer for your reply.  I had considered doing this, but as the process has not ever been published it seems odd we would need to publish it, edit it, then republish it for the change to ‘stick’.  This makes for a very messy change log.

Draft form really should be draft form until the point of publishing for general consumption.  Once you have a version greater than 1.0 I could understand doing this for the approval workflow to action appropriately.  But UNTIL we have a published version this feels very clunky, and more of a work around than standard practice.





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Yes I agree - the way around this being published without review would be to send to the new approvers to review separately, once they have given approval you could then publish a confident process.  Other wise what I have done is publish it with the comment in the change log reflecting why this would be the case.  Keen to know if there is another way as well. 😀

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I agree and feel your pain! I reported the issue to support but the response was that it is working as intended, which makes no sense. However, they did propose a workaround. I haven’t tried it yet, but if you edit the originally designated Owner/Expert in “Users,” then use the “Transfer” button next to Process or Processes and select and transfer only the process you want to reassign, this is supposed to get around the problem.

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Thanks Tonyajeank - I appreciate that.  That workaround seems an awfully long way to go about it, but would have been a better option than publishing it, editing it, then resubmitting for approval.  Oh well, something to try for next time! :D 

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I agree with this, it is not practical to first approve the “approver change/update”, so the new approver can approve. It sound’s messy and not logical at all.