Print PDF process maps without Gray background

  • 5 October 2023
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Is it possible to create and print the PDF of a Process Manager process flow without the gray background behind the process map?


And yes I prefer not print to save paper, but in our organization for some of the workshops the participants will view and place comments / changes on the wall for others to see before updating, especially for end to end view of the entire Value Stream.


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5 replies

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Hi @ArlinJohnson,


Are you referring to the swimlanes being grey? These cannot be turned off during the printing process as far as I am aware. Is the issue that they make the diagrams illegible or that they use a lot of ink/toner with the grey?

Maybe another option to consider is to provide each user with a PDF version of the overall process, but then the feedback they give could be provided via the Feedback module to streamline and speed up the process (whilst also applying additional governance)? That way, all feedback is tracked and processed within the platform and all users that need to provide feedback can also see what feedback has been provided previously. However, if what you are hoping to achieve is to have the entire process laid out in front of users in a single view, this suggestion won’t really achieve what you are going for…

I just thought that it might be beneficial to use the additional functionality provided by the tool to facilitate the workshops to make the workshop as effective and efficient as possible. Your thoughts? 😊


Kind Regards,


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Thanks for the reply.  And yes I love the integrated feedback features for most uses within Process Manager (still working on the switch from Promapp - long time user).  However, in this situation we are working in an environment where we wanted a visual printed map to “tour” around the walls of a conference room with a team of people.  

I was just trying to save ink / toner as we are printing many of these on large plotters.  It would be nice to have the ability to turn the gray background on or off.  I do like the look in a PDF.  



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I’ve had the same issue for workshops and this is my workaround:

If you have Adobe Pro you can edit your PDF before printing. 

  1. click on the grey background
  2. Right click and select ‘Arrange’ , ‘Send to Back

this will remove the grey background, and you can then re-save the PDF and print.


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Thanks and that is great.  Unfortunately I don’t have Adobe Writer, but can probably find within our company somewhere.  And just for reference here is how we are using the print outs.  We are a company integrating multiple companies into one, and harmonizing our processes into industry standard or best practice from the multiple businesses.  We have mapped our future state from end to end - and then have workshops for the key people to help refine these processes within a workshop environment.




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Wow that’s great use of your process maps!