Formatting text

  • 1 November 2022
  • 3 replies

How can I format text in a "task" or "note"? For example adding colour and emboldening as follows:

make a note of the invoice number

3 replies



Unfortunately advanced formatting is not available when editing processes. We do have an existing idea in our forum here if you would like to vote for it





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You shouldn't need to format text in Promapp as the idea is to simplify the information so only the important information is included.


if you need to ensure something is done (like make a note of the number), then I'd make this a separate task within the activity.  To highlight the task even more you could add a note that says something like 'Why do I need to note down the number'? and adding an explanation as to what this is used for.

Thanks for the idea which is much appreciated and which is a good work around, but does this really simplify things?