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  • 1 March 2022
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Hi there - I've just started trialling the onboarding, training and competencies functions of the Training Addon in ProMapp. I'm liking the concept, but am finding the records and areas a bit circular and lacking in detail.

For example, I assigned a competency unit to a staff member; when I signed them off as competent, there was a text box for me to add comments and the option to attach a file. I attached a file and made comments. Now when I view that training record, there is an icon on that person's competency line, but no sign of my comments. If I click the competency name, it take me to that competency unit. If I click on the staff member's name within that competency unit, it takes me to their training record, of which each unit is just one line. Then clicking on the competency name loops me back around to the start.

So where did my comments go, and how can I view/access them again?


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@Nintex_Sam could you perhaps help out here?

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Hi @mchaffg ,


I have good news and not so good news.


Good news: you aren't going mad, you aren't missing anything. You can view the attachment, but not the comment.


Not so good news: the comment exists, somewhere, just not anywhere you can access it. Weird huh?!


I would strongly suggest adding this to our product feature request (user voice) - I had a quick look and can't see it there yet.

Thanks - I have added that request on the user voice site.



New to this, but had the exact same question and was wondering if there was a solution to the above question? seems like it was two years ago and hope this has been resolved 


Keen to hear the solution