Back button greyed out when navigating to lower levels of a process group on Minimode

  • 29 March 2021
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We have found that users who are accessing minimode outputs of process groups can't navigate back to a higher level of the process group if they open a subordinate process within the process group. The back button is greyed out on the browser which prevents this. Is there something that we are missing?


Browser being used is the Version 89.0.774.57 of MS Edge.

4 replies

When you are using a minimode link and go through the links to the different Processes, the URL doesn't change, the map changes within the minimode window, and for this reason you cannot use the Browser back button to navigate back through the Processes.  


You can enable the breadcrumb option for Minimode links, that your users could use to navigate to the group to get back to the initial Process. 

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How can I enable the breadcrumb option in minimode ? 

To enable breadcrumbs you need to navigate to the Configuration page and got to the Minimode area (bottom left). Enable the option labelled 'Enable visibility of process group navigation path (Default: Off)'

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Thanks a lot. It worked !