• 16 February 2020
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DB Upgrades in 19.5+

Knowledge shared by Oren


Beginning 19.5.0 the process of creation and upgrade of RPA Db has complete changed.

No SQL file are deployed with the version as separate files.

So what we do to upgrade and create DBs?

We've developed a tool that is doing all the upgrade and DB creation of the RPA DB all by itself.

It is being run from the installation kit automatically based on the parameters of the installation, and of course based on the permissions to the DB.

It is always deployed with the RPA server under c:KryonDB .

If you want to try it out, download the tool itself from here:



and the scripts that it uses from here (for v19.5.1 for example):



It is a command line tool.

DBUpCLI.exe up -? Will show you the CLI parameters for creating a new DB (FKA minimumDB) or upgrading existing DB



DBUpCLI.exe old -? Will show you the CLI parameters for upgrading from "old" version (pre 19.5) to the latest version.



"dry run" means to just create SQL file without executing it on the DB itself.


for next version the installation will create a SQL file ("dry run") even if there is DB Owner permissions on the target DB, for cases the upgrade fails, so it will be able to create one manually.


What the script does in case of upgrade from an "old" version is running the single script from the sub folder "old_to_MinDB". Each file name represents the source version of the existing DB.



In case of DB upgrade failure, you can try and run the relevant SQL file from this folder (post installation) manually.

The execution output of the DBUpCLi is written to a separate log file ends with *dbupcli.log in the %temp% folder.



Note that in case of failure with DB upgrade, you will get an error like the below during the installation process:





Most likely this kind of error will happen when the DB was modified manually post the previous installation.

It already happened for us twice this week.

In that case you can simple click "ignore" and run the relevant SQL script manually.

5 replies

For the -sbfp option it seems you need to explicitly end the folder with """ otherwise the script will throw an error (e.g. -sbfp "C:DBup_scripts_RPA_19_5_1"")

When running -sbfp with the "old" option (i.e. dbupcli old, not dbupcli up) the path format uses forward slashes ("/") instead of backslashes ('"").

What is the difference between UP and OLD? UP will upgrade a DB from 19.5.1 to a version higher than 19.5.1 (e.g. 20.2). OLD will upgrade a DB from a historical version such as 5.25 or 19.1.3 to 19.5.1.

More info from Oren for situations where the previous RPA version does not have a dedicated script available, such as upgrading from 19.4.4 to 19.5.1:


"if for example you need to upgrade from v19.4.4, you will select the DB version (=Script) that equals or the highest version that is lower – in that case – 19.4.3 .

To explain the logic behind it: not every version of RPA had changes in the DB.

in the above example: 19.4.4 did not present any DB update from 19.4.3"

@Nirupama Isaac​ - Is this what you mean?