I'm unable to record a particular web page by adding new application in a wizard

I am facing the following issue while recording:

I have added the following website (https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/) in application list but I am unable to use recorder in an appropriate way.

Attaching the captured error


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Would it be possible to also get a screenshot of the applications (in Kryon Admin)? That way we can more easily gauge what's going on. Thank you!



Hi there,


To resolve this:


(1) Add an application definition to Kryon Admin that uses the URL as the criteria set at (contains) "www.worldometers.info"


(2) Enable this application for the library in which you are doing the recording, by enabling the checkbox for the library under the Wizard Catalog section.


(3) If Studio is open, close and reopen it.


I've attached a couple of screenshots which should help explain what is needed.


Also, please double check which screen you are recording at it seems to have captured Google in your screenshot.