How to add a designed signature with links to "Send email" advanced command?

In order to use your company signature in a "Send email" advanced command, with all the icons and links in it, follow these steps:


1. Open the email message with the signature you want to use (note: a sent email with the signature, and not a mail editor with the signature)

2. Right click the message area and choose "open source"

3. Locate the icon cid in the HTML code, and replace it with an actual link. For example:

From: src="cid:image012.png@01D60677.B304F610"

To: src=""

4. Repeat step 3 for all icons

5. Copy the edited HTML code to the advanced command. Use "Plain text".

6. Convert to "Rich text"





Copied as is using "Rich text" - icons removed25726iF70A3D6815BC7D28.jpg

Step 5: Edited HTML copied as "Plain text":


Step 6: the result after switching to "Rich text":



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cool, it works!


If your looking for Best Office 365 Email Signature Manager

I recommend you to use Sigsync( Office 365 email signature. Its a web based, company-wide, centrally managed email Signature application. t is very reliable and easy to use, I find that from a signature customization perspective, Sigsync is far the best. I've been able to set up a single signature for an entire organization. If your comfortable making the signatures in HTML I would recommend that.