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Interested in what metrics from the database can be displayed in graphan for monitoring?

I found in the Kryon view sys.databases database in which there are fields with online, i.e. this is the real status of the database, which will change when

offline database?

Also interested in the number of connections to the database at the moment?

How much memory does the database need?



So far, I am just pulling out the following options on a dashboard: [Kryon]. [Dbo]. [LeoScriptsLibraries]

[Kryon]. [Dbo]. [View_AutomationClients]


SELECT LeoUsers.UserName

, LeoUserRoles.HasStudioPermission

, LeoUserRoles.HasPlayerPermission

, LeoUserRoles.HasConsoleUserPermission

, LeoUserRoles.HasConsoleAdminPermission

, LeoUserRoles.HasUnattendedRobotPermission

, LeoUserRoles.HasAutomationApiPermission

 FROM [Kryon]. [Dbo]. [LeoUsers] INNER JOIN [Kryon]. [Dbo]. [LeoUserRoles]

 ON LeoUsers.UserID = LeoUserRoles.UserID


But this table is not informative with 0 and 1.


SELECT Count (UserName) as 'count_users'

 FROM [Kryon]. [Dbo]. [LeoUsers]


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Hi Dima,


if you are our customer, please open a ticket in our ticketing system and I will provide you DB dictionary document.