For the older captcha’s (read from text) you can use the following website:


It is not a free service, but quite cheap. You can buy a 2000 transactions subscription for $14,- in order to try and demo.


You need to make a screenshot of the captcha and send it to their webservice. They will return the answer in 2-3 seconds. Its quite accurate. Expect there is (cheap) human labor involved.


Passing the more recent captcha’s like “google recaptcha” (selecting traffic lights from pictures or clicking on “I’m not a robot”) is way more difficult and almost close to impossible. Especially clicking on “I’m not a robot” is much more difficult than it sounds because the javascript behind it will measure mouse speed and click speed to find out if you are a human or not. It really is a cat and mouse game, and Captcha’s are at the winning hand. For google recaptcha you may try: but it will take a lot of time and no guarantee it will work (and keep working).


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Thanks for sharing Amit, this is a great review@

Thanks for sharing Amit!


Regarding google captcha I made relatively good experiences with the browser extension 'Buster'. It uses the audio track as an alternative to the picture puzzle to solve the existing captcha and translates it through a speech API. This doesn't work 100%, because google captcha detects a bot behaviour every now and then and the language translation doesn't always work, but in my tests it worked for the most part. I have integrated several loops with retries in the robot for the failed attempts to get an acceptable result.


And its free..



Credit goes to @Diederik Quant​ for the content I just remember this and got it in here 🙂